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The major part of the modern and recently applied psychological technologies is directed at the human consciousness. However, according to various psychologists’ investigations, an individual’s unconscious processes constitute up to 97% of the human’s psychic processes and behavior. Thus, the human huge potential remains undiscovered and unreleased.
The suggested method (techniques) and device (facility) allows to discover and reveal the human negative affirmations, convictions as well as repressed emotions, convert them into positive ones and to increase the ability to show much better results in life.

•    On-line monitoring of the human reactions in the unconscious area on various stimuli;
•    To record into a separate file all information and results from the laptop’s monitor and carryout the audio recording of the individual sportsman’s consultation with a possibility of further playback;
•    To carryout a remote diagnostics and the human individual correction session(s) via the Internet using an additional respective device (module);
•    Possibility to carryout the diagnostics of two individuals simultaneously (e.g. parent-the child; husband-wife; the two partners; etc.) and to check whether these two people are consistent in their actions (concurrent actions test);
•    To carry out the simultaneous correction of the individual’s two cerebral hemispheres which will allow to simultaneously correct the emotional-imaginative and verbal reasoning spheres of a human.

«IPER®» purposes

Utilizing «IPER®» helps the operator (specialist) to track/trace psycho-emotional state of the patient for the purposes of diagnosis and correction of human psyche. The hard/software system «IPER®» allows to trace reactions of a patient, that are sub-conscious to the patient, because  they are being pushed out of consciousness by mind defense mechanisms. According to expert estimates the sub-conscious makes up approx. 97% of all human psyche activity.
«IPER®» serves as an objective indicator, similar to X-ray or Ultrasonography in medical practice. The difference is in the field of application, «IPER®» is used for studying the sub-conscious part of human psyche. Like a compass, it directs to the part of sub-conscious, that has the most negative emotional load/charge (distress), and that creates a problem or a handicap for a person. It is possible to remove/discharge these areas of emotional distress using patented methods. Thus «IPER®» is not only a separate, independent hardware, but also is an irreplaceable part of diagnostics and therapeutic system/complex, named «Method for harmonization of psycho-emotional state of a human».
The method for harmonization of psycho-emotional state of a human and «IPER®» are patented and deposed as a subject of intellectual property with RTNIC Academy of Science of RF (certificate #002/003).

«IPER®» capabilities

«IPER®» is a device that allows to find and correct the original cause of negative state of a human. By analyzing the psycho-emotional reactions readings on «IPER®», it is possible to identify the exact processes going on in the subconscious part ofIPER-2R human psyche, to find out the actual cause of failures and setbacks of a human, to find out what needs to be corrected in the first place, and how much correcting work needs to be done and when it is appropriate to finish the correction.
«IPER®» can be used by psychologists, HR specialists, educators, medical doctors, sociologists, and by people, developing their own creative and other kind of abilities.
«IPER®» allows to trace/observe the psycho-emotional state of a person in real time, to forecast his/her reactions, and also provides higher objectivity of the diagnostics and psychological correction.
With help of «IPER®» a Specialist has the ability to see the information hidden from the eyes, information that forms the habits, inclinations, and motives of human behavior.

«IPER®» software allows for recording, saving and playing back of every session with the Patient/Client, with all the records of «cursor-tracker» movement, tonal resistance and simultaneous audio recording of conversations between the «IPER®» specialist and the Patient/Client.
The receiving module of «IPER®» is connected to PC, notebook or desktop.
For more detailed description of the device settings, please see «How the program works» section.

See an example of diagnostic results >>>

How «IPER®» works

Select the «IPER®» icon on your desktop and click on it twice.

For a few seconds an intro image will appear, then the program will open.
Intro image:

Instruction manual «IPER®-1K» >>>

Video reports from scientific conferences (in Russian):
1.    The research report in the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture:
"The method of control problem areas athlete" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LM5uqIZumAc
2.    The research report in the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture:
"The method of control problem areas athlete" -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWvcKgyxmhM
3.    Scientific report by the Ministry of Sports of Russia:
"Development of creative potential coach" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3THnBlh_TA


For successful familiarization of «IPER®» and use for maximum results, we offer a special course:

Introductory course for working with «IPER»

The goal of training course: learning the basic skills of working with «IPER®» and «The method for psycho-emotional state of a person harmonization», training of those skills for practical use.
Traning form: intensive introduction to theory and practical training for use of «IPER®» and «The method for psycho-emotional state of a person harmonization».


  •      Creative people, interested in self-development and learning the method to help others to self-develop;
  •      Heads of organizations, HR manages, recruiting agency personnel;
  •      Businessmen, entrepreneurs;
  •      Coaches, psychologists, psychotherapists;
  •      Medical workers;
  •      Teachers, educators;

The result: a person, who can:

  •      Operate the «IPER®»,
  •      With help of «IPER®» to determine/find true causes of personal problems and disabilities, and help correct those sub-conscious reactions.

Training duration: 7 days x 7 hours (49 hours).
Distant learning training course is available.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

Alexander Balykin, educator, psychologist
Tamara Balykin-Milushkina, practicing psychologist


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«The method for harmonization of psycho-emotional state of a human» is patented (Patent of RF №2373965)
Device for evaluating psycho-emotional state of person «IPER®» is patented (Patent of RF №107482)
Trademark is patented (certificate №386937)  

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